Welcome! I hope you will stay awhile and enjoy my blog. It reflects who I am and the things that turn me on. These posts are of my likes, desires and fantasies; many of which have been played out, and some that have not. Also for fun, you may find a random bit of my quirkiness here and there as well! And sometimes you'll see a sequence of posts that kind of go together. The captions would reflect that as well. So if something seems incomplete, come back later to see what you missed... ;-)

On a side note, I don't skype, kik or sext. But I do enjoy interacting with my followers, and have made many friends here. So come by and say hi sometime! You never know what we'll end up talking about! ;-)

And it may be obvious, but I do have to say that this blog is NSFW, 18+ only. If you are under 18, please move on to another site and come back when you are legally able to be here. Otherwise you will just get blocked. :-(

Also, if you own material that you see on my blog and would like it removed, please let me know. It will be removed ASAP. Also, I do not claim ownership of anything posted on my blog, unless stated. And yes... there are posts that are stated! ;-)

So...Enjoy! :-)
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